Are There Any Adverse Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

Are There Any Adverse Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

August 1, 2021

A popular technique of removing unwanted hair from the body is laser hair removal, considered more permanent than other techniques. Using laser hair removal, practitioners inhibit the hair follicles from growing new hair.

If you want to embark on laser hair removal, you must make yourself aware of the side effects of laser hair removal. Many people prefer laser hair removal as a safer method of getting rid of unwanted hair from their bodies for extended periods. However, the therapy is associated with some adverse effects, which this article discusses for your benefit.

Adverse Effects of Laser Hair Removal

After laser hair removal, you may experience various side effects, which are minor and temporary. If you experience any long-lasting side effects must consult your dermatologist. Surface impacts of laser hair removal involve the following:

Redness and Irritation

Targeted hair follicles are damaged during laser hair removal. Your body reacts to the damages causing you to experience redness and irritation in the affected area. Your skin may tingle and feel tender. You may also experience slight swelling.

The symptoms you may experience are generally short-lived. The affected area looks like it has been maxed or plucked. Some dermatologists use topical anesthetics to determine how your skin reacts to the process. The irritation eases after the initial reaction within a few hours of the treatment. Swelling and redness respond well to ice packs or a cold bath.

Skin Color Changes

Some people may notice insignificant color changes to the skin in the treated area. The skin may turn darker or lighter after laser hair removal. Fair-skinned people are more likely to experience darker pigmentation than people with darker skin tones more prone to more delicate pigmentation changes. However, the changes fade away over time, and the skin color returns to normal.


You may experience skin crusting in the treated area. Skin crusting is an insignificant problem causing some inconvenience. In addition, crusting can result in scabbing or scarring. However, caring for the treated area after laser hair removal using moisturizers helps prevent any ongoing issues with this treatment.

Risks Of Skin Infections

Damaging hair follicles with lasers can create infection risks similar to other cosmetic hair removal techniques. The affected area is best treated as a wound during the healing. If you experience any infections, discuss the issue with your dermatologist. However, do not adopt DIY methods like using OTC antibiotic creams to large areas of your skin if a condition arises.

Rare Side Effects

Blisters and burns are other risks of laser hair removals performed by an underqualified provider. It is why you must contact qualified professionals like laser hair removal Fairfax, FL, who ensure you are not affected by any burns on blisters.

Qualified practitioners use high heat lasers during laser hair removal. The practitioner applies a cooling device to your skin before using the laser. The cooling device helps prevent the laser from burning the skin.


Laser hair removal does not leave behind any scars unless the practitioner ers to cause scarring. Therefore, experienced practitioners are unlikely to cause errors when providing laser hair removal treatment, ensuring scarring doesn’t occur.

You may experience scarring if you don’t care for the treated area correctly after the treatment. For example, it would help if you treated the affected area as sunburned to prevent further damage. In addition, you can keep the affected skin moist and protect it from light while checking it frequently for signs of infections.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Most people undergoing laser hair removal confirm it is safe and well-tolerated. No long-term health risks are associated with laser hair removal. However, some people may experience some minor adverse effects of the treatment. People can overcome this challenge by requesting their dermatologist to inquire how their skin reacts to the treatment before proceeding with the therapy over a larger area.

Finding a qualified practitioner is incredibly essential for people intending to undergo laser hair removal. A skilled practitioner can help people by providing personalized attention to create a memorable and rejuvenating experience.

You must not consider online advertisements offering everything on this planet telling you they can make your skin look better and remove unwanted hair from your body using lasers. The incredible demand for laser hair removal has encouraged beauticians and salons to offer the treatment even though they only have unqualified staff without experience in performing such procedures. You must ensure that you contact Contours LaserSpa if you wish to receive laser hair removal treatment from a qualified practitioner.

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