EmSculpt – Build Muscle and Sculpt Your Body

EmSculpt – Build Muscle and Sculpt Your Body

August 1, 2022

Emsculpt is a non-invasive body-sculpting procedure that burns fat and builds muscle (also referred to as body sculpting or contouring). Emsculpt enhances your body’s appearance by reducing areas with excessive fat, resulting in a lean and more sculpted body. The procedure is FDA-approved for getting rid of body fat and increasing muscle in most body areas, including the abdomen, arms, calves, thighs, and buttocks.

You can receive the Emsculpt treatment at med spa Fairfax. Contours Laserspa offers the treatment in Fairfax. Book an appointment and get your body sculpted to fit a model shape.

Benefits of Emsculpt Treatment

  • Immediate results
  • No downtime
  • Minimal treatment time/sessions
  • Ideal for all skin types and tones
  • No exercise needed

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to trigger hundreds of muscle contractions. These muscle contractions occur rapidly, at a higher rate than you can achieve through regular exercise. This innovative technology uses an Emsculpt device that achieves an incredible 20,000 times within a 30-minute treatment.

The rapid rhythm of muscle contractions results in the development of new muscle fibers, which creates firm and sculpted muscles. Besides building muscle, the powerful contractions create a metabolic reaction that forces fat cells in the targeted regions to break down. This process builds and strengthens muscles, firms, and sculpts the treatment regions.

Who Needs Emsculpt Body Sculpting?

Anyone who wishes to improve their appearance can use Emsculpt body sculpting. The right patient to undergo body sculpting using this technique are busy individuals of an already healthy weight wanting to eliminate sections of stubborn fat.

However, certain conditions exclude a patient fromĀ  Emsculpt. They include recent c-section surgery, pregnancy, implanted neurostimulators or defibrillators, pulmonary insufficiency, electronic implants, drug pumps, metal implants, cardiac pacemakers, epilepsy, heart disorder, fever and malignant tumours.

Emsculpt Treatment

When you visit your healthcare provider that offers body sculpting via an Emsculpt device, you lie down comfortably. Your provider places an Emsculpt applicator onto the targeted area of your body, and the process starts. Your provider can regulate the intensity of the muscle contractions during your treatment session.

You feel gentle muscle contractions at the start of the session, increasing slowly during the treatment session. As your muscles contract gently, you feel some tingling, but no pain. Most patients equate the feeling with being in the middle of an intense workout, only that they are laying down comfortably and relaxing during the session.

Each Emsculpt treatment session lasts roughly 30 minutes. For optimal results, Contours Laserspa recommends four treatment sessions with two to three days intervals. The whole treatment process takes about two weeks. Your healthcare provider designs a personalized treatment plan to achieve your objectives.

Following your first Emsculpt treatment, you feel the results. Within the two or four weeks of the treatment, results will improve due to the growth of muscle fibers. Your body will be lean and toned, with visibly less fat. Clinical results show a 16% average increase in muscle mass after full Emsculpt treatment. Furthermore, 96% of the patients were satisfied with Emsculpt body sculpting.

Once you have achieved a lean and sculpted appearance, it’s equally important to maintain the appearance. Maintaining a healthy weight and continuing strength exercises to ensure your muscle tone remains consistent is advisable.

What You Need to Know

Since Emsculpt is a non-invasive body-sculpting treatment, there are no prior preparations or follow-up instructions. The non-invasive technique also makes the procedure eliminates downtime. You resume your normal chores immediately after a treatment session. However, you might experience a mild muscle ache often associated with intense strength training.

Unlike other sculpting techniques, Emsculpt treatment has no side effects such as numbness, swelling, redness, and bruising.


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