Is Emsella Effective in Reality?

Is Emsella Effective in Reality?

October 1, 2021

Men and women suffering from urinary incontinence now have access to path-breaking treatment to manage their problems. The treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, and many people are taking back their health, confidence and lives with Emsella without needing a single incision.

Urinary incontinence is a problem affecting millions in America. Unfortunately, nearly 50 percent of women affected by the crisis try to cope with the persistent urge to urinate or are affected by bladder leakage. Fortunately, Emsella in Fairfax has a solution for persistent urinary incontinence with treatments delivered by Emsella.

The reality about Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is not a problem to be ashamed of. The issue is widespread, affecting approximately 68 percent of women between 42 and 64. Younger women are also victims of urinary incontinence for different reasons like pregnancy, childbirth, lifestyle choices, and medical conditions.

Urinary incontinence is not a minor problem and can lead to depression, time off work, loss of sexual intimacy, and significant expenditure in incontinence products for adults every year. The issue also interferes with fitness, activities, enjoyment of life, and sex. Instead of enduring the problem, people affected by urinary incontinence must seek Emsella treatments to get over the issue once for all.

Bladder leakages are part of regular life for millions of women trying to address the issue in the best manner possible. Emsella strengthens the body’s natural control over the bladder stimulating the pelvic floor muscles to make them sufficiently strong to withhold bladder leakage.

Is Emsella Treatment Effective in Reality?

Emsella functions practically to relieve urinary incontinence. This revolutionary treatment makes use of the benefits of modern science to strengthen and restore bladder control in patients suffering from this problem. If Kegal exercises helped relieve urinary incontinence inefficiently or quickly, earlier Emsella has replaced the activity as a technique or promptly gaining control over the bladder and their life for many patients.

How Does Emsella Treatment Function?

The key to Emsella treatment is to strengthen patients’ natural control over their bladder by stimulating their pelvic floor muscles using high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to facilitate the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, helping restore control over them among patients.

The pelvic floor muscles also need maintenance similar to other muscles in the body. However, aging affects these muscle’s strength making them weaker with time. An excellent way to strengthen these muscles is by flexing the Kegal muscles. Unfortunately, the flexing is not sufficient to restore strength and requires plenty of time. Fortunately, Emsella treatments do so as a shortcut to quickly stimulate the Kegal muscles with over 11,000 flexes every session.

What Steps Can Patients Expect When Preparing for This Treatment?

Patients can expect to attend a consultation with Emsella in Fairfax before their first treatment session. The consultation is an interview where the provider inquires relevant information about the urinary consonance affecting the patient besides how long they have been experiencing the problem and the frequency. Inquiries are also made about treatments patients are using to manage their symptoms, including hormone therapy. The providers may ask additional questions about whether the patient has been pregnant or had natural childbirth because they are relevant to the signs.

What Does Emsella Treatment Feel like?

Patients can expect to be seated on a throne during Emsella treatment. The therapy functions by sitting on a chair emitting electromagnetic energy engaging pelvic floor muscles. A treatment session is approximately 30 minutes for most patients who feel a gentle buzz or tingling sensation when sitting on their thrones.

Emsella treatment does not require anesthesia or surgery. Patients arrive at their appointment and are anointed over the throne with their clothes on and return to regular activities after completing their session. Patients can expect the Emsella chair to work for them by flexing thousands of contractions of their pelvic floor during the session.

The electromagnetic pulses have more power than Kegal exercises without patients needing to move any muscles. The Emsella chair works harder than men or women can with Kegal exercises. The treatment helps patients overcome urinary incontinence issues by stimulating the pelvic floor and not just a few muscles. After Emsella sessions, patients benefit from more robust muscles and greater neuromuscular control and say goodbye to bladder leakage.

People with urinary incontinence in Fairfax no longer have to embarrass by trying to manage an issue constantly bothering them. Instead, they can seek treatment from Emsella in Fairfax to overcome the problem of urinary incontinence forever in a few sessions with this provider.

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