PicoSure Laser: What Is It Good against?

PicoSure Laser: What Is It Good against?

September 23, 2021

Are you considering medical treatments to enhance the appearance of your skin? You may even have a specific treatment in mind or may need various treatments to achieve your goal. Whatever you have in mind, rest assured PicoSure provides the appropriate treatment you need. However, if you don’t know what PicoSure is and what it is good against, this article offers you all the information you require to research and obtain this treatment to improve your aesthetic appearance medically.

Explaining PicoSure

Cynosure developed PicoSure using picosecond technology. It is the first development of a new generation of aesthetic lasers not relying on heat to revitalize the skin, acne scars, wrinkles, and unwanted pigments from freckles, sunspots, and collaboration. In addition, it is the first and only aesthetic picosecond laser profiling safe and effective tattoo removal treatment.

The energy from PicoSure is delivered rapidly to reduce heat buildup significantly. The rapid delivery enables pigments from make-up and tattoo ink to shatter and vibrate while leaving the surrounding tissue without burns. The reduced heat buildup delivers comfortable treatments coupled with effective results.

PicoSure effectively converts the laser energy into gentle pressure waves using the proprietary FOCUS lens array technology. The ripples generated by PicoSure initiate cell signaling to initiate an enhanced incendiary medicinal response. The treatment from PicoSure in Fairfax results in increased collagen and elastin minus the thermal injury of different lasers. This revolutionary laser technology is created to harness the natural healing process of the body to help restore youthful skin.

What Is PicoSure Effective against?

PicoSure laser treatments are effective against various skin problems you may develop over time and find them challenging to eliminate from your body. Some examples of effective treatments from PicoSure lasers include:

Acne Scars

Acne scars are often incredibly challenging to reduce or eliminate. Acne scars raise your skin and leave stained marks resistant to skin resurfacing treatment and prevent the delivery of significant results. PicoSure laser functions in two different ways when treating acne scars. Firstly the lasers from PicoSure penetrate the skin to develop localized areas of thermal damage. Secondly, the picosecond technology combines with the thermal damage to break the scar. Patients undergoing PicoSure laser treatments witness a significant reduction in the appearance of their imperfections, leaving them with improved skin texture and a clearer skin complexion.

Skin Rejuvenation

Please do not assume the PicoSure treatment is not suitable for you because you never had a tattoo on your body or never had to bother with the odd pimple or two because you can still benefit from PicoSure treatments. PicoSure laser treatments provide treatments for skin resurfacing, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, the treatments encourage the growth of collagen in the deeper layers of the dermis to create a plumper and rejuvenated appearance. The increase in the evolution of collagen results in a youthful appearance because of fresh and rejuvenated skin. PicoSure also helps diminish unwanted pigments by delivering laser energy to the skin by targeting the colors. When the power is absorbed into the skin, the gentle vibration it creates shatters the pigments to break them into Microparticles.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal using lasers is not a fresh discovery, but it has never been effective as the treatments offered by PicoSure. Q-switched lasers were the gold standard for removing tattoos earlier. Fortunately, PicoSure or leisure has taken tattoo removal to a new level. The picosecond technology releases a high quantity of energy rapidly in extremely short timeframes. The energy shatters the tattoo ink into smaller particles to effectively address various types of tattoo inks. In addition, the shorter timeframe of the treatment with PicoSure reduces the chances of potential thermal damage to the skin.

Still, wondering whether PicoSure laser treatment is suitable for you or not? An excellent way of finding out is to visit PicoSure in Fairfax, providing facial rejuvenation and tattoo removal treatments. The Fairfax clinic is unique in delivering aesthetic medicine and various other treatments helping you to look and feel your best. The facility has flexible working hours remaining open on weekends to fit your treatment in your busy work schedule. The Fairfax facility of Contours LaserSpa provides treatments from a celebrity professional featured on several television shows and media organizations. Best of all, they welcome patients from all backgrounds to enjoy the leisure and medical spa treatments provided at their facility to rejuvenate their skin or remove tattoo scars on them with the PicoSure laser treatment.

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