Sun Damaged Skin Can Be Reversed

Sun Damaged Skin Can Be Reversed

February 8, 2021

Soon, summer will be upon us again. This is the time for cookouts, beach fun, warm weather, and lots of sun exposure. Many people neglect their skin by not applying for adequate protection. As a result, we see many clients with sun-damaged skin. You don’t have to live with fine lines and dark spots. At Contours Laser Spa, we have the right solution for you. Call our Fairfax, VA spa today to book a skin consultation.

Anti-Aging Products and Treatments

There are many OTC and medical-grade treatment options on the market. Therefore, it can be hard to know which serums or creams are best for your skin.

Vitamin A is a go-to-ingredient because it is very effective at restoring a more youthful appearance. Retinol is a component to look for in skincare products. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol boosts collagen production and increases the cell turnover rate. This is important if you want to maintain smooth, healthy skin. While you can purchase retinol products, over-the-counter, medical-grade solutions, and treatments are most effective.

For improved texture, tone, and skin color, retinol works wonders. Use it at night to achieve an evener skin tone. In addition, vitamin A can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles when used consistently.

Finding the Right Solution

Since retinol is a potent substance, you may experience redness, peeling, irritation, and dryness when you start using it. This is especially true for clients with sensitive skin. So, it is best to begin treatment with low doses. That way, you can test how your skin will react. You may need to try a variety of products to determine the right skincare plan for you.

If vitamin A doesn’t do the trick, we offer a variety of treatments designed to repair sun-damaged skin. Chemical peels and laser procedures are great options. If you have dark spots or broken blood vessels, lasers are highly effective at correcting these problems. Ask us about our laser services and other skincare solutions.

Keep in mind; it is best to have your doctor examine any signs of sun damage before undertaking any repair treatment.

Even more, prevent skin issues before they start by applying sunscreen every day.

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