What To Expect with KYBELLA® Treatment: Body Fat Reduction

What To Expect with KYBELLA® Treatment: Body Fat Reduction

July 1, 2022

If you’re searching for body contouring near you to target and reduce fat under the chin, you should explore the benefits of KYBELLA® fat reduction in Fairfax from Contours Laserspa. Although most patients refer to the fat collection beneath their chin as a double chin, it is medically known as submental fullness. Whatever you call this unattractive collection of fat, many individuals consider its presence detrimental to their physical appearance as wrinkles. But the good news for those reading this is that our med spa in Fairfax can treat both concerns – and more – to help you become the best version of yourself! If you’ve been searching online for a service or procedure to help you achieve that goal, we invite you to stop your search and book an appointment today with our team at Contours Laserspa.

An Overview of KYBELLA: How It Works

Since no two patients are alike, every patient will be unique in their treatment plan to reduce fat under their chin. When you visit us for your KYBELLA consultation, we will provide you with a designed treatment plan. In the meantime, a general overview of how KYBELLA works is that the injections contain a naturally occurring molecule that facilitates the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.

What to Expect from a KYBELLA Procedure

Your tailored treatment will consist of multiple small injections into the fat under your chin. We will first examine this area to ensure that the site is free of any infections that could interfere with the effectiveness of KYBELLA. Most appointments finish in 20 – 30 minutes. Some patients report that the injection stings slightly, but the discomfort is minimal since they use such a small needle. Most patients report that the stinging sensation vanishes within a few minutes. Our care team will monitor your comfort level and provide ice packs to minimize post-treatment discomfort.

How Many Treatments to Expect

As you might imagine, the number of injections needed to achieve optimal results will vary by each patient. But when KYBELLA injects into the accumulation of fat beneath the chin, this molecule (synthetic deoxycholic acid) actively destroys fat cells. That means that since they destroy the fat cells, they will no longer be able to store or accumulate fat.

When to Expect Results from KYBELLA Near You

You may notice visible results after just a few treatments scheduled at least one month apart, but in some cases, patients may require six treatment sessions for maximum results. One of the things that patients love best about KYBELLA is that once their treatment protocol has ended and resulted in their desired aesthetic, there is no need for further treatment since they permanently destroyed the fat cells.

Best Candidates for KYBELLA in northern Virginia

One thing that makes FDA-approved KYBELLA more attractive to some patients than other procedures is that it does not require surgery. When you visit us for your KYBELLA consultation, we will look at general factors such as your:

  • General health
  • Current medications
  • Age
  • Skin elasticity
  • Level of fat in the neck area
  • Weight

We’ll also consider sun exposure, weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and smoking. The best way to find out of KYBELLA is right for you is to book an appointment for a consultation and treatment plan. You could spend hours researching KYBELLA online, but making an appointment with Dr. Tammy Jones and her team is the fastest way to learn more about KYBELLA near you.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Jones is one of the EXCLUSIVE TOP Family Medicine Doctors for Northern Virginia. She has been on the TOP Doctors Interviews seen on CNN Headline News, MSNBC, BRAVO, Oprah Winfrey Network, and others. We provide a full suite of high-quality services such as:

  • Emsculpt NEO
  • Picosure
  • Botox
  • Elite + Hair Removal
  • Diamond Glow
  • “Next Level’ Facials
  • And more!

We also offer convenient evening and Saturday appointments to accommodate our patient’s work and school schedules, and we’re in Fairfax’s Mosaic District with free parking. Do you still need convincing? We invite you to look at our five-star reviews to read how Contours Laserspa is one of the best spas in northern Virginia.

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