COVID-19 Policy

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To All Clients,

First and foremost, we cannot stress enough how grateful we all are for the support and encouragement you have shown us during these uncertain times.

Contours Laserspa exists to help you Look and Feel Your Best and to help the community at large. COVID-19 has made both of those missions more challenging, but with patients like you, no challenge is too great.

So, let us say it again, Thank You!


To respond to the latest Delta Variant, Contours Laserspa has taken several important measures to ensure a safe environment in line with the current best practices.

  1. All staff have received their Covid-19 vaccines via Fairfax County Health Services AND are still required to wear masks when in contact with others.
  2. Let’s stay safe and healthy together. We kindly ask that you wear a face covering when visiting any of our locations.
  3. As a precaution, we encourage all clients to have their temperature taken with our infrared touchless thermometer to be sure there is no elevated risk to others.
  4. You may call the office at (703) 559-3253 from your car when you arrive for your appointment and request a call back when it is your turn to be seen.
  5. For Clients who would prefer to use the reception area, we have decreased the capacity of our waiting area to only 2 persons at a time. Seating is spread out 6-10 ft apart inline with recommended social distancing protocols.
  6. We have put a few minutes in between appointments to create additional physical distance and to handle the increased demand.
  7. We have engaged with new vendors to ensure that our access to cleaning supplies and proper PPE remains unhindered and we can continue to ensure your safety through frequent deep cleanings.

You have been, are now, and will continue to be our number one priority. It is our hope that in these trying times we can serve you best by offering you a small piece of normalcy in your routine and continuing to make Contours Laserspa a place you feel safe, enjoy coming to, and leave Looking and Feeling better. Take care of yourselves and know that we are here to take care of you.


The Contours Laserspa Family

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