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Core Club Service

Core Club Services (Contours Laser Spa)

At Contours Laser Spa, we have special services as part of our Men’s care treatments that are great for improving aesthetics and muscle build for men trying to sculpt an amazing body. We have two specialized treatments as part of our Core Club services: Emsculpt Neo and Emsella  are designed to give men the body they’ve been looking for.

Emsculpt Neo Treatment

Emsculpt Neo is a powerful body sculpting treatment used to burn fat and build muscle in the treatment area. If you’ve ever looked for Emsculpt Neo near me, then you likely know that it’s an extremely potent body sculpting treatment.

Rather than simply removing fat, Emsculpt Neo treatment uses radio frequency and high-energy electromagnetic waves to sculpt the body and remove fat effortlessly. Unlike other procedures, the process is also non-invasive, so patients don’t have to worry about discomfort and recovery time after treatment.

Compared to other treatments, patients have more weight reduction and higher muscle gain. The results also typically last longer when paired with diet and exercise.

Emsella Chair Treatment

The Emsella Chair treatment is another specialized treatment for men with weakened pelvic muscles who struggle with incontinence and sexual health issues. The treatment uses a chair that emits high-intensity electromagnetic waves to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles thousands of times in a single session. The treatment improves muscle mass, tightness, and neuromuscular control over the pelvic muscles.

This treatment has been shown to help with incontinence and is an effective exercise to combat erectile dysfunction. Most patients benefit greatly from regular treatments, with initial sessions starting 2-3 times weekly for the first few weeks. Regular exercise and maintenance treatments can help maintain a healthy pelvic floor and increase the function and support of the surrounding muscles.

Contact Contours Laser Spa today and ask about our Men’s Core Club Services and how they can help to improve your overall health and body.

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