EmSculpt NEO in Fairfax, VA

Have you grown tired of hiding your body under baggy and unflattering clothes? If you have issues with the way your body looks, you might hesitate to show it off. At Contours Laserspa, we’re in the business of helping our patients feel better about themselves. We offer innovative aesthetic solutions to help you become your best self, both inside and out.

We’re incredibly proud to be among the pioneer aesthetic clinics offering EmSculpt NEO in Fairfax, VA. EmSculpt NEO is a premier body contouring procedure that builds muscle while also eliminating fat, giving you two excellent benefits for the price of one.

EmSculpt NEO improves on EmSculpt, its predecessor, and is safe, non-invasive, and ideal for both men and women who desire to tone their bodies while also reducing excess fat. It also helps to kick-start weight loss!

How EmSculpt NEO Works

EmSculpt NEO utilizes radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies to induce powerful muscle contractions to help patients to lose belly fat. These contractions break down fat cells while also strengthening the muscles, resulting in a more defined body.

One EmSculpt NEO session lasts 30 minutes on average. You require approximately six sessions over the course of 3 weeks and then two maintenance sessions after 6 to 8 weeks to realize ideal results and weight loss. However, since every patient is unique, our doctor will advise you on the number of treatment sessions required to lose belly fat and to achieve your dream body.

The EmSculpt NEO Patient Experience

Patients who would like to tone their abdomen and buttock areas are welcome to experience EmSculpt NEO at Contours Laserspa. Before you begin your session, our doctor will evaluate you comprehensively to gather relevant information that’ll go into your treatment plan.

During an EmSculpt NEO treatment session, our doctor straps the EmSculpt contouring device onto your abdomen or buttocks. This device sends high-intensity focused energy to your muscles. You’ll feel as if you’re experiencing an intense workout. There is no pain involved. You’ll only feel the tingle of the rhythmic contractions as the device sends energy pulses through your body.

Are you tired of insanely restrictive diets and frustrating gym sessions that yield no results or any weight loss? Would you like to contour your body without going under the knife to lose belly fat? Get in touch with Contours Laserspa today to experience cutting-edge body sculpting technology and a faster way to weight loss.

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3 Months after the last treatment, courtesy of: Julene Samuels, M.D.


1 Month after the last treatment, courtesy of: David Kent, M.D.

Our team was so excited to bring Emsculpt NEO to our practice that we had to create a video to celebrate! Try out the revolutionary treatment yourself to see why.

EmSculpt NEO in Fairfax, VA

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