Emtone® in Fairfax, VA

Emtone® is a no-downtime, painless cellulite reduction treatment performed in the office. Emtone’s efficacy in treating skin laxity has also been established in clinical tests. Emtone is an FDA-approved massage machine for the
temporary reduction of cellulite appearance.It also delivers warmth to raise tissue temperature for some medical ailments, including pain alleviation, muscle spasms, and increased local circulation. Emtone is a series of treatments
that gently warm the skin to promote collagen formation and better skin texture.

How Does Emtone Work?

If you’re considering visiting Contours LaserSpa for Emtone near you, it’s best to know how it works and what Emtone results you can expect. Whether you’re getting Emtone for cellulite or general contouring, Emtone is a hybrid
system that transmits monopolar radiofrequency and pressure wave therapy to the skin simultaneously. The Emtone handpiece delivers specialized, safe electrical energy to the skin. A grounding pad is normally placed on one’s back
during the treatment to guarantee that the radiofrequency is delivered safely. The actual device creates acoustic waves that disrupt and excite the skin at the same time. Radiofrequency radiation passes from the treatment tip to the
skin during therapy, warming it to around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Collagen undergoes structural changes at this temperature. Following therapy, new collagen growth occurs over several weeks.

What Areas of the Body Does Emtone Treat?

By looking at our Emtone before and afters, you’ll see the various areas this process treats. Exilis has been approved by the FDA for transient cellulite reduction and increased local circulation. Emtone can be applied to a variety
of places that are affected by these illnesses. Emtone cellulite and skin laxity are a couple of ways that our staff can use the machine. The buttocks, rear, and front of the thighs, knees, upper arms, and abdomen.

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