Tattoo Removal in Fairfax, VA

Do you have a tattoo you’re no longer happy with or want to put a different tattoo in its place? If so, PicoSure treatment may be right for you. At Contour Laser Spa, we offer tattoo removal and other treatments to keep your skin looking its best.

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How Does PicoSure Work to Remove Tattoos?

PicoSure works by using laser technology to remove tattoos. During a treatment, the device emits light pulses, which target the tattoo ink. The laser breaks down the ink into tiny particles, which the body eliminates.

Benefits of PicoSure for Tattoo Removal

PicoSure is a great option if you would like to remove one or more of your tattoos. It offers many benefits, including:

– Short, easy sessions

– More effective than other laser tattoo removal options, meaning fewer treatments

– Fewer side effects and shorter recovery time

How Long Does It Take to Remove a Tattoo?

The tattoo removal process looks different for everyone. There are many factors that influence the duration of the process and how many sessions you will need. We recommend coming in for a consultation so we can determine what your specific treatment plan looks like.

If you plan on covering up the area with another tattoo, you may need to have the existing tattoo lightened instead of removed. Then, your skin will be ready for a new tattoo in the same place. If you want to remove the tattoo, the process will take longer.

In most cases, tattoos are removed in 4-10 sessions, but the duration of each session can vary.

These factors affect the tattoo removal process:

– Color – Black, brown, dark blue, and green tattoos are easier to remove.

– Size – Larger tattoos take more time to remove than smaller ones.

– Age – Older tattoos are easier to remove than new ones.

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